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Swimming pool alams save lives Swimming pool alams save lives
Swimming pool alarms save lives Swimming pool alarms save lives

Fred and Marcy couldn't wait for their new swimming pool,
to be completed. Summer was just around the corner and they already
had barbeque and pool party planned.

The two watch anxiously everyday as the pool builders came and
went through their yard constructing their new family toy. After
a few weeks they were ready to fill the pool and finish the
landscaping around the yard.

Marcy didn't want anyone to see the pool until the party but she
really wanted an opinion of it before, so she invited a close
friend over.

The friend came over and completely fell in love with the pool.
She had so many questions for Marcy because she now wanted one
of her own.

One of the questions was about the inspection of the pool. Marcy
told her they were required to have door alarms on every door that
lead to the pool and also the fence had a height requirement.

Marcy then went on to explain the she and Fred were so annoyed with
the door alarms, that after inspection they decided to remove them
since they didn't have any children.

But Marcy didn't want to be completely unaware of any activity
around the pool so she did some research online. She found the
Pool Safety Alarm.

Marcy explained the Pool Alarm is an electronic monitoring system
that automatically sounds an alarm if a child or pet were to fall
into the unsupervised pool. It's portable, self-contained and light

The unit is simple to operate. Entry into the pool would be
detected by the Pool Alarm's electronic sensor, triggering a loud
pulsating alarm at the unit and inside your house from the remote

The friend was so impressed she got the number to the pool builders
and the alarm company. She wished Marcy good luck on her party.

The party turned out to be a blast and since then Marcy and Fred
have decided to have children and they know they will get good use
out of their Pool Alarm.  Get Yours today at

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